Analysis tool

Analyze your startup
Evaluate and avoid risks

Avoid mistakes with an optimal strategic analysis of your startup

Avoid strategic mistakes with your startup

Perform an analysis with our Starsys tool to evaluate the main indicators of success of your startup.

The importance of stopping to move forward

Take a break

During the entrepreneurial path, constant evolution is sought, but knowing how to stop to observe and analyze your environment is the best decision to avoid mistakes.


Analyze the potential of your startup, the environment, market and future objectives to make the best business decisions that will avoid making mistakes.

Boost yourself

Push yourself harder now that you know what aspects you should improve and take into account to increase the probability of success of your startup in the future.

Avoid mistakes in 3 easy steps

🛑 Perform the analysis

Our tool analyzes your startup with the information you provide through simple questions with an attractive experience.

📈Learn and improve

We will show you a detailed report with the analysis from the team to your future strategy so that you can learn and apply improvements.

🚀 Share and grow

We generate a report on your startup that you can share with investors and acceleration programs to demonstrate your full potential.

Analyze your startup and improve its weak points

Analysis and final report applied so that you can learn and obtain valuable information about your startup.