Analysis tool

Analysis software for
Investors Mentors

Avoid mistakes with an optimal strategic analysis of startups

Tool that reduces the risk in your investment

Perform an analysis with our Starsys tool to evaluate the main indicators of startup success.


Opportunity management

Faster startup selection processes where you will find a CRM with all the opportunities related to your investment thesis.

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Value opportunities

Automatic startup management and selection related to your investment thesis, offering you a complete report on the viability of the startup.

Avoid mistakes in 4 easy stepsc

📊 Create your thesis

Add information on some issues to create your investment thesis, with which the results of the startups will later be analyzed.

📩 Share

You will get a link so you can share with startups of interest and publish it on social networks so you save time in management.

📈 Results

We will show you a report with the analysis from the team to the future strategy so that you obtain a reliable result of the startup's success rate.

🚀 Follow up

You will get a CRM and you will be able to keep track of those not selected, avoiding missing out on opportunities and investment in the future.

Save time and gain efficiency in your investments

Analysis and report applied so that you can obtain valuable information about startups.