Strategic Startup Analysis
Analyze, manage and select

Select compatible startups in 3 clicks

Análisis estratégico para tu Startup
Analiza, conecta y crece

Toma las mejores decisiones para tu startup.

📊 Create your thesis​

Add information on some issues to create your investment thesis, with which the results of the startups will later be analyzed.​

📈 Results​

Look at the startup profile along with the team analysis, traction, technology and much more to know the startup's potential and your compatibility.

📩 Share

You will get a link so you can share with startups of interest and publish it on social networks so you save time in management.

🚀 Follow up​

You will be able to track startups of interest and referrals, avoiding losing opportunities and investments in the future.

Avoid mistakes in 4 steps

Avoid human errors and improve the startup selection process for your portfolio.

Solution benefits


⏳ Actual process

Forget about investing time in rejecting
Time saving 90%
Instant compatibility
Time saving 60%
Startup tracking
Opportunities 50%

⚙️ Automation of the selection process

🤝 Invest time in compatible opportunities

🗓️ Don't miss out on future opportunities


⏳ Actual process

90% of the time is spent rejecting startups
Time spent now 90%
Time to evaluate manually
Time spent now 60%
Lost opportunities by not following up
Opportunities 35%

Mejora la eficacia en la selección

📈 Análisis estratégico

Analizaremos tu startup y te mostraremos un los resultados de la evaluación para comprender que mejorar y como potenciar tu crecimiento.

🚀 Compatibilidad

Encuentra startups con intereses similares con quien crear sinergias y potenciar vuestro crecimiento empresarial.

🤝🏻 Descubre startups

Te mostramos profesionales óptimos para tu crecimiento en función del análisis estratégico realizado.

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